Japanese Language & Culture Class


1:00pm - 2:30pm, March 14, 28, April 4, 11, and 18, 2023 (Total 5 lessons)
Mihama-ku Community Center, Chatan 
 Address: 15 - 1 Mihama, Chatan cho, Nakagami gun, Okinawa, Zip code: 904-0115

2023年3月14, 28日, 4月4, 11, 18日 午後1〜2時30分(全5回)
住所:〒904-0115 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町美浜15−1美浜区公民館(北谷町)
URL: http://mihamaku.chatan.jp/

Japanese Instructor Naomi Nakaza, Adventure Lab
日本語講師: 仲座尚美(アドベンチャー・ラボ)

Sensei Naomi is a certified Japanese language instructor (Nihongo kyoin shikaku)  who has taught Japanese to the students whose Japanese is their second language for many years. 
She is fluent in English and Chinese. Originally from Okinawa, Japan. 

Japanese class for the one who:こんな方におススメ!

  • does not speak Japanese as their first language!
  • is here for a long time but still not able to speak it!
  • wants to free him/herself from a stressful language barrier!
  • wants to do shopping, ordering whatever they want!
  • wants to explore and experience new cool things.
  • wants to enjoy more of Okinawan life.
  • needs to speak it for work.
  • wants to meet the local Japanese volunteers

In the class, you will learn… 講座内容

  • Greeting people and self-introduction in Japanese 日本語であいさつと自己紹介
  • Reading and writing Hiragana ひらがなの読み書き
  • Shopping at a store and ordering at a restaurant 買い物やレストランでの注文
  • Cultural activities such as caligraphy and Ikebana known as Japanese  flower arrangement 習字やいけばな等の文化体験
  • Tips to enjoy the life in Okinawa 沖縄での生活を楽しむコツ

Students 対象

The class suites for adults or ages over 15. (Younger than 15 should be parented.)   

Lesson Fee 料金

  • 7,500JPY
  • For 5 lessons

Sign up Now! 申込方法

Due: March 7, 2023


Please contact us! お問合せ

[email protected] メールアドレス
Point of Contact: Ari Nakaza